Four Strong Women. Four generations of strong East Prussian women oppose the Nazis and still survive WWII. They go from enormous riches to raising cabbages. Then they help rebuild Germany.

Escape from India. A mother and daughter captured in India have no chance to escape. The government does not care. A dubious posse is formed to rescue them.

Peaches in the Quorum. A rich man and his wife are in jail in Russia for running a Ponzi scheme. Their small son and his proper British nanny, who conceals her former career as an adult film star set out to free them.

Overkill on I-17. The FBI says the killing on I-17 was an accident. Arizona’s governor suspects it was murder. A small team of investigators upsets some federal officials’ carefully laid plans. People start dying right and left.Overkill_on_I-17.html

Dead by Christmas. In 1968 in Germany, two KGB agents want to defect. A group of US soldiers, without any permission, try to make it happen. What could possibly go wrong?

     Flee or Die, a Christian science fiction novel is now available on Kindle or print from After being gone for 25 years, Donna McCoy returns to California in 2045 to discover computers now control the humans. Her mother expects Donna to receive a chip implant that will ensure her happiness because it prevents a person from making bad choices.

    Donna refuses the chip and runs for her life.

    Donna is accompanied in her flight by Martha, her domestic android servant. One night while watching TV, Martha believes the pitch of a televangelist con-man who promises salvation for a $100 donation. Martha gives him the money and becomes a born-again Christian. Many of the characters in this book say such a conversion is impossible. Don’t tell that to Martha.

    Donna’s life on the run is further complicated by four men who want to marry her. More information is available HERE.